Why Fundraise

As West Cancer Center continues to establish a regional center of excellence in both patient-centered care and innovative research, philanthropy has never been more critical. The University of Tennessee/West Institute for Cancer Research, a 501(c)3 organization, was established to raise the necessary funds to support adult cancer research and patient education, care and support.

Your partnership with West Cancer Center is critical to not only advancing the science of cancer care, but also to ensuring the overall health of our community. With your support, we will continue to not only educate the next generation of oncology thought-leaders and recruit the premier scientific minds in cancer care and research, but we will also provide the critical support necessary to the community that has been our home for almost four decades. Join us as we make Memphis the destination for adult cancer care and research.

What does my gift provide?

Keesha-Signing-up-MammogramsAt the UT/West Institute, everything we do is only possible because of supporters like you.

It is because of your kindness that the single mom without insurance will receive a potentially life-saving mammogram. It is your gift that provides lymphedema garments, mastectomy bras, wigs, hats and snacks to our patients – all free of charge. It is you who funds the 1,000 nutrition consultations for our patients each year. And it is your gift that informs transformational research in the field of oncology – research that could be the breakthrough we’ve been dreaming of for decades since the “war on cancer” was officially declared.


With your support, you are changing the lives of cancer patients, every single day.

  • $25 could provide a hat or scarf for three patients
  • $30 could provide a blanket for five patients
  • $70 could provide a lymphedema sleeve for one patient
  • $100 could provide a lymphedema glove for one patient
  • $125 could provide a screening mammogram for the underserved
  • $140 could provide a post mastectomy bra for four patients
  • $175 could provide a wig for five patients
  • $300 could provide a low-dose lung cancer screening for the underserved
  • $400 could provide transportation to our treatment facilities for ten patients
  • $500 could provide a nutrition consult for ten patients