20 Mile Route

West FIGHT ON 20 Mile Route

Start – Shelby Farms Visitor Center

Left on Great View Drive East

Left on Great View Drive North

Left on Farm Road

Right on Walnut Grove Road

Left on Humphreys Blvd

Continue onto Wolf River Blvd

Turn around Point at Houston High School (mile 10)

Left Turn on Wolf River Blvd to Exit Houston High School

SAG STOP Houston Middle School

Continue on Humphreys Blvd

***Shady Grove Road turn Right to Enter the Greenway Trail***

Left turn on the Greenway

Right Turn to continue on the Greenway

Straight across Walnut Grove Road and continue on the Greenway to Hyde Lake

Left turn to continue around Hyde Lake

Right turn onto Great View Drive North

Right turn into the Shelby Farms Visitor Center to the Finish Line

FIGHT ON Que Sheet – 20