Jordan Walker

Manager, Special Events

“I FIGHT ON for cancer research in memory of my brother Jack in the hope that someday no one will have to lose a family member to cancer.”

Krista Martin

Coordinator, Special Events

Volunteer Event Committee


Bob Blankenship


“I FIGHT ON for cancer eradication with a goal of N.E.D. (no evidence of disease) for all when cancer has become a part of their lives!



Kate Horton


“I FIGHT ON for cancer research…for myself and everyone impacted by this disease.”



Jen Swearingen

“I FIGHT ON in memory of my dad, Duane Malek, who lost his courageous 4-month cancer battle in 2012.”




Susan Ewing

“I FIGHT ON so West can continue to improve patient outcomes and eradicate this disease that effects so many people.”



Amy Pollan

“I FIGHT ON day by day for myself and to inspire and support others who are experiencing their own journey as survivors and all those affected by cancer.”



Michelle Campbell

“I FIGHT ON fearlessly for those who are scared or lonely and think they are in this fight alone. At West, you are always part of a family.”




Tish Pinion

“I FIGHT ON for for the warriors and for all those that support them.”





Scott Pritchett

“I FIGHT ON for those who can’t.”





Mitchell Lansky






Melissa King

“I FIGHT ON for all fighting the fight!”





Gene Carkeet

“I FIGHT ON for my friends that have survived…”





Carley Myrick

“I FIGHT ON to support my fellow breast cancer survivors.”



Kristen Leone






Angela Gustafson

“I FIGHT ON for myself and for others to end cancer.”




Richard Murphy






Jill Amos