West Cancer Center


A history of clinical excellence coupled with a longstanding commitment to groundbreaking research, West Cancer Center has been advancing cancer care and research for almost four decades. Our collaborative, multidisciplinary approach is strengthened by an innovative partnership with Methodist Healthcare and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center – uniting the region’s leaders in patient care, education and research in the fight against cancer.

Researcher-MicroscopeWhen the doors of West Clinic opened in 1979, the mission was clear: to provide world-class cancer care and access to innovative, effective therapies, right here in Memphis. Today, that mission – and vision – for a world-class cancer institution remains the foundation of our organization, as we provide the most comprehensive cancer care and research in the Mid-South region. This includes not only access to a complete spectrum of programs and services, but also to the nation’s premier and highly specialized experts in cancer care. From Medical and Gynecologic Oncologists to Surgical, Thoracic and Radiation Oncologists, patients benefit from the collective expertise of these multidisciplinary teams – ensuring they receive a precise treatment plan tailored to their unique diagnosis.

Patient-Physician-InteractionIn addition to providing unparalleled access to the greatest minds in cancer care, we are shaping the future of cancer care with an innovative, patient-centered approach to cancer treatment. With groundbreaking researchers and world-class physicians working side by side, West Cancer Center conducts more clinical trials than any other cancer center in the region. Last year alone, we received more than 2,000 visits for 67 therapeutic clinical trials – each of them playing an important role in helping us redefine cancer science and deliver the most effective treatments.

West Cancer Center has multiple locations throughout Memphis and the Mid-South – serving the 35,000 patients that choose as us as their trusted partner in their cancer journey. To learn more about our unique approach to cancer care and research, visit www.westcancercenter.org.