The University of Tennessee/ West Institute is committed to fighting cancer in every corner of our community through cancer research, patient services, and community outreach.  We need the support of our community to FIGHT ON against the disease that has taken far too much from us for far too long.

Everything we do is because of supporters like YOU!

It is because of your kindness that a women without insurance will receive a potentially life-saving mammogram. It is your gift that provides lymphedema garments, mastectomy bras, wigs, hats and snacks to cancer patients – all free of charge. It is you who makes sure that a cancer patient has transportation to get to treatment.  And it is your gift that informs transformational research in the field of oncology – research that could be the breakthrough we’ve been dreaming of for decades since the “war on cancer” was officially declared.

Through FIGHT ON, you are changing the lives of cancer patients, every single day.


To date, over $17 million has been raised for discovery, advancement, and innovation in the field of adult cancer research and patient education, care, and support. Because of you, last year we were  able to provide: