Will you join the fight?

At West Cancer Center, we’ve been fighting alongside our patients since the doors of our clinic opened nearly four decades ago. To further the fight against cancer, we established The University of Tennessee/West Institute for Cancer Research, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising the necessary funds for discovery, innovation and advancement in the field of adult cancer research and patient education, care and support.

West Fight On – our signature fundraising event – provides the critical resources for the growing needs of cancer patients here in the Mid-South. With your support, we are ensuring that none of our 35,000 patients fight alone.

We’ve joined the fight. Will you?

Top Teams

  1. Team Sedgwick $14,335.00
  2. Bad to the Bone $12,128.00
  3. Tumornators $9,699.25
  4. Team 5-Kate $8,310.25
  5. Steph's Silver Linings $8,050.00
  6. The Power of Tauer $6,137.92
  7. Gould's Cuts Out Cancer $5,442.51
  8. Somer's Dream Team $5,422.19
  9. Pallera Punks $5,395.00
  10. BCB 100 Training Team $4,823.00

Top Individuals

  1. Stephanie Simpson $6,655.00
  2. Kate Horton $6,230.00
  3. Lee Schwartzberg $6,124.25
  4. Kurt Tauer $5,892.92
  5. Bob Blankenship $4,800.00
  6. Melissa Williams $4,627.51
  7. yasser khaled $3,277.50
  8. Brad Somer $3,222.19
  9. Micah Monaghan $3,125.00
  10. Denise Johnson $2,520.00
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Event Details

Cycle. Run. Walk.

Why We Fight On

Meet the Survivors

Niki Harrison
“If my story will help another young woman through her cancer journey, then I will be satisfied.”
Featured Survivor
Kate Horton
An avid runner, Kate was diagnosed with stage 3C Ovarian Cancer in 2013. Today, Kate is cancer free.
Featured Participant
Dr. EINaggar
"This event provides all of our physicians the opportunity to engage with our community while also supporting the critical philanthropic cause of Cycle. Run. Walk.”
Featured Physician
West Cancer Center is the region’s comprehensive leader in adult cancer care and research, delivering a complete continuum of care to more than 30,000 individuals each year.